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The inquisitions faced opposition from many quarters, especially from Protestant polemicists eager to contribute to the so-called "Black Legend" of Catholic (and especially Spanish) cruelty and fanaticism. Catholic apologists responded with counter-claims of their own, and it would be centuries before historians could make much headway with more-or-less impartial analyses. A survey of the rich literature generated over the centuries as writers debated the true nature of inquisitions and their legacies can be found in the essay.

Essay: "Introduction to inquisition polemics and histories"

Though inquisitio was originally a neutral term for normative practices in Roman law, the significance of "inquisition" as a historical phenomenon would come to be very hotly contested over the centuries. For victims of inquisitorial justice and their sympathizers, it was inevitably seen as a cruel and unjust system. Yet… [Read the complete essay]

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Oracion al Santo Tribunal de la Inquisicion de Valencia, que en el Convento d...
Rbsc inq:inq 385 000a

Oloriz, Francisco Xavier de Oracion al Santo Tribunal d... Valencia: 1771. Inquisition 385

Spanish. Published by "un zeloso Eclesiastico" for the benefit of "studious Spanish youth".

Conscientiae Equuleus: Or, A faithful Relation of the Proceedings of the Inqu...
Rbsc inq:inq 559 000a

Catel, Juan Conscientiae Equuleus: Or, ... S.l.n.a.: [early 1700s]. Inquisition 559

English. Lacks title page.