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Inquisitorial bureaucracy generated vast quantities of written documents relating to every aspect of the tribunals’ existence, and these went far beyond the judging and punishment of alleged heretics. In the political sphere, inquisitors corresponded with their own agents and carried on diplomacy at royal and papal courts. At a more mundane level, bills had to be paid and internal quarrels settled. An overview of sample documentation relating to these and other matters can be found in the essay.

Essay: "Introduction to inquisition policies and proceedings documents"

Medieval and early modern inquisitions were major forces within their host societies not only locally but also regionally and even internationally, with an impact that often went well beyond strict enforcement of church discipline through trial and punishment. The very fact of an inquisitorial tribunal’s existence as a looming institutional presence… [Read the complete essay]

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"Los adjuntos edictos, y censuras, con que el Arzobispo de Zaragoza, y los In...
Rbsc inq:inq 023a 001r main

Romeo y Anderaz, Juan Antonio; Antonio Ibañez de la Riva Herrera "Los adjuntos edictos,... [Barcelona?]: [1707?]. Inquisition 23

Spanish and Italian. Letters from an Aragonese noble to cardinal Vicenzo Grimani (with copies in both Spanish and Italian, dated 1707) reporting on alleged archiepiscopal and inquisitorial anti-Hapsburg activities. Archbishop Antonio Ibáñez de la Riva's edict denouncing anti-Bourbon rebels follows; both documents have been copied into a larger cartulary in a contemporary hand, foliated 344-350 and 352. Cf. INQ21, INQ22, INQ24, INQ297, INQ583 and INQ584.

"Si tenemos quotidiano cuydado de deffender todos los otros ministros de la y...
Rbsc inq:inq 208 001 main

Pio obispo siervo de los siervos de Dios [pope Pius V] "Si tenemos quotidiano... Mexico: 1569. Inquisition 208

Spanish. Translation of the bull "Si de protegendis", asserting papal protection of inquisitorial witnesses and recognition of rights pertaining to familiars and officials. Cf. INQ207, INQ214. Issued in Mexico on the orders of Bartholome de Ledesma, with blank spaces for names of local authorities; rare example of early Mexican printing.

Real Cedula de S. M. y Señores del Consejo, por la qual, y en conformidad de ...
Rbsc inq:inq 391 000 main

[King Charles III] Real Cedula de S. M. y Seño... Alcala: 1783. Inquisition 391

Spanish. Formerly bound as part of a larger collection, foliated 318-322.