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Inquisitorial manuals

Inquisition practice through the ages was supposed to be governed by rules, policies, and complex legal and theological principles. Both theory and practice could vary over time, however, and many different types of manuals, guidebooks and brief procedural notices were circulated as tribunals and individual inquisitors continually strove to improve on their procedures. Closer examination of such texts reveals much about the institutions themselves, their members, and their ideological underpinnings.

Essay: "Introduction to inquisitorial manuals"

Conducting an inquisition was a complicated business. First inquisitors had to have some sense of their underlying theological justification and legal authority, both of which might well be challenged by hostile local forces. Then they had to be able to identify the various and often subtle types of heretical… [Read the complete essay]

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Orden que comunmente se guarda en el Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion, acerca d...
Rbsc inq:inq 132 000a

Francisco Portero de la Vega (et al.), Garcia, Pablo;, Joseph Antonio Llanes Campomanes Zienfuegos y Arguelles; Orden que comunmente se gua... S.l.n.a. [Madrid?]: [1607, 1622 or 1628?]. Inquisition 132

Spanish. MS title page apparently taken from 1736 Valencia ed., but main printed text conforms with earlier Madrid editions. Extensive MS underlining and annotations in multiple hands, including Llanes and Portero. Bound with multiple other short seventeenth century inquisitorial texts, both MS and printed.