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Censoring books and images, warning the public against forbidden materials, and enforcing bans through search and seizure took up a great deal of inquisitors' energies in the early modern period. Further discussion of sources relating to inquisitorial censorship, such as the indices of banned books, edicts of the various tribunals, and broadsides intended for posting in public places, can be found in the essay.

Essay: "Introduction to inquisition censorship documents"

Conflicts over the written word and the graven image predate the rise of Christianity, and efforts to suppress allegedly heterodox or otherwise objectionable works can be found in any number of societies throughout human history. In premodern Europe, however, such materials were extremely rare and expensive, individually produced by hand… [Read the complete essay]

Complete list of sources related to Censorship at Notre Dame

Featured Sources

Index et Catalogus Librorum prohibitorum; Index Librorum expurgatorum
Rbsc inq:inq 044 000a

Quiroga, Gasparis a [Gaspar de] Index et Catalogus Librorum... Madriti [Madrid]: 1583-1584. Inquisition 44

Spanish and Latin. Two volumes bound together. Some mispagination in second work. Second work contains alphabetical index at end, followed on last page by manuscript addition (dated 1600) of more books to be expurgated.

"Fray Antonio de Sotomayor, por la gracia de Dios, y de la santa Sede Apostol...
Rbsc inq:inq 227 001r main

Sotomayor, Antonio de "Fray Antonio de Sotom... Madrid: 1634. Inquisition 227

Spanish. Edict banning books, especially those hostile to religious Orders such as the Jesuits. Contains manuscript summary on verso, notaries' marks at bottom. Cf. INQ225, INQ327 and INQ555, issued on the same day; also INQ264 and INQ276.

"Nos los Inquisidores Apostolicos contra la Heretica Pravedad, y Apostasia, e...
Rbsc inq:inq 248 001r main

"Nos los Inquisidores ... En la Sala de nuestra Audiencia del Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion de Toledo: 1677. Inquisition 248

Spanish. Ban on a false 1667 edition of the Index librorum prohibitorum, and a Hebrew text printed at Venice. Contains signatures and wax seal.

"Don Quintano Bonifaz, por la Gracia de Dios, y de la Santa Sede Apostolica, ...
Rbsc inq:inq 360 001r main

Quintano Bonifaz, Manuel "Don Quintano Bonifaz,... Madrid: 1758. Inquisition 360

Spanish. Edict removing a ban on Henry Noris' "Historia Pelagiana", which was included in the 1747 Spanish Index despite papal opposition. Texts relating to the debate over Noris' work and its suppression are now banned. Cf. INQ278, 349, 359.