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Autos de fe

Many of the infamous <em>autos de fe,</em> ritualized spectacles where sentences were announced and prisoners led off to be "penanced" amid much pomp and pageantry, generated special documentary genres of their own. Prisoner lists, printed sermon texts, descriptive (and sometimes illustrated) pamphlets known as <em>relaciones</em> all bear witness to the scale, the tenor, and the contemporary significance of these emblematic gatherings.

Essay: "Introduction to inquisition auto de fe records"

Inquisition sentences, unlike the secret trials themselves, were intended to be widely publicized both as an example to others and as an assertion of the tribunals' claims to power and righteousness. In medieval times trials normally concluded with a sermo generalis, essentially the forerunner of the early modern auto de fe[Read the complete essay]

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Sermaõ que fezo padre Andre Gomez da Companhia de Iesus. No Auto da Fê, que s...
Rbsc inq:inq 054 000a

Gomez, Andre Sermaõ que fezo padre Andre... Lisboa [Lisbon]: 1621. Inquisition 54


Relacion de los Autos Particulares de Fee, que se han celebrado en las Inquis...
Rbsc inq:inq 067 000a

Relacion de los Autos Parti... [Madrid?]: [1722?]. Inquisition 67

Spanish. Contains two separate Autos printed together. To be sold in Madrid by Isidro Joseph Serrete, Librero, y Portero de la Ilustre Congregacion de San Pedro Martyr, de los Señores, y Ministros Familiares del Santo Oficio. A note at the end indicates that all printed accounts of Autos are also available in the same shop ("Todos los Autos de Fè, que se han hecho, se hallaràn adonde este".