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"Nos los Inquisidores ... Madrid: 1706. Inquisition 294

Spanish. Edict denouncing clergy who reject the oath of fidelity to king Philip V as required by pope Clement XI, and requiring parishioners to denounce such clergy to the inquisition. Spaces for date left blank. Cf. INQ286 and INQ297.

Ibañez de la Riva Herrera, Antonio "Don Antonio Ibañez de... En nuestro Palacio Arzobispal de Zaragoza: 1707. Inquisition 297

Spanish. Edict denouncing parish priests and Capuchins allegedly supporting anti-Bourbon rebels. Ibañez de la Riva Herrera would later go on to serve as Inquisitor General (1709-1710). Cf. INQ21, INQ22, INQ23, INQ24, INQ286 and INQ294.

Sotomayor, Antonio de "Don Fray Antonio de S... Madrid: 1633 [1716]. Inquisition 326

Spanish and Latin. Copy of a 1633 decree ordering annual readings of papal bulls relating to the inquisition (such as "Si de protegendis") in all monasteries. Contains signature dated 1716, and a wax seal. Cf. INQ226, INQ228, INQ229.

Camargo, Juan de; Diego de Arce Reynoso "Nos Don Juan de Camar... Madrid: 1732. Inquisition 324

Spanish. Decree republishing then-Inquisitor General Diego de Arce Reynoso's 1660 edict anulling a constitution of pope Paul V, on the issue of whether religious superiors are responsible for denouncing members of their own Orders. Contains wax seal.

[King Philip V] Cedula de Su Magestad de 7 ... Alcalá: 1743. Inquisition 340

Spanish. Contains royal official's signature. Cf. INQ322.

Orbe y Larreatigui, Andres de; pope Clement XII "Nos D. Andres de Orbe... Madrid: 1738. Inquisition 332

Spanish and Latin. Edict promulgating a papal condemnation of Freemasonry. Contains signature and wax seal.

"Nos los Inquisidores ... En la Inquisicion de Sevilla, y Real Castillo de Triana [Seville]: 1746. Inquisition 345

Spanish. Edict clarifying policies on absolution by non-inquisition clergy in Jubilee years. Cf. INQ356, INQ366 and INQ388.

Quintano Bonifaz, Manuel; Benedictus Episcopus Servus Servorum Dei [pope Benedict XIV] "Nos los Inquisidores ... En el Palacio de la Inquisicion de Valencia: 1757. Inquisition 358

Spanish and Latin. Edict republishing 1745 and 1746 papal bulls against heresy, with notice of another issued 1749. Contains signatures and marginal note.

Perez de Prado y Cuesta, Francisco "Nos Don Francisco Per... Madrid: 1751. Inquisition 356

Spanish. Edict clarifying policies on absolution by non-inquisition clergy in Jubilee years. Cf. INQ345, INQ366 and INQ388.