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"Nos los Inquisidores ... [Llerena]: [1697?]. Inquisition 63

Spanish. Collection of texts in multiple hands. The first document is a copy of a 1697 edict issued at Llerena, reproducing earlier edicts forbidding conflicts (verbal and in writing) among religious orders. The bulk of the collection consists of extensive notes from Llerena on various inquisition cases heard ca. 1608, 1648, 1655, 1657, etc.

Iudice, Francisco [Francesco Guidice]; pope Clement XI "Nos los Inquisidores ... En el Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion de Llerena: [1715]. Inquisition 308

Spanish and Latin. Edict republishing pope Clement XI's 1713 ban on certain French books, with a list of 101 potentially heretical propositions found therein (given in Latin translation). Space for date left blank. Cf. INQ309.

Isidro de Orozco, Manuel "Nos los Inquisidores ... Llerena: 1744. Inquisition 343

Spanish and Latin. Edict condemning 8 "Molinist" propositions, and requiring the expurgation of 5 related propositions (given in Latin). A number of books are ordered banned or expurgated in consequence. Space for date left blank.