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Quiroga, Gasparis [Gaspar de] Index Librorum Expurgatorum. Salmuri [Saumur]: 1601. Inquisition 45

Latin. Copy of the 1584 Madrid Expurgatory Index, issued by French protestants to show the misguided nature of censorship by the Spanish Inquisition; an essay listing examples of harmless yet censored books precedes the original introductory note. Some mispagination. Contains alphabetical index at end.

Judice, Francisco [Francesco Guidice] "Don Francisco Judice,... Marly: 1714. Inquisition 307

Spanish. Edict banning various books and writings of authors such as Barclay and Talon. Cardinal Giudice was resident at the French court in Marly at this time on a diplomatic mission.