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Justiniano, Diogo da Annunciazam; David Nieto Sermam do Auto da Fe, que s... Lisboa [Lisbon] and "Villa-Franca" [false imprint; London?]: 1705?; [1729?]. Inquisition 64

Portuguese (first text) and Spanish (second text). The Portuguese sermon by Diogo da Annunciazam Justiniano appears to be an original printing, but it may be a forged imprint done at the same time as David Nieto's undated Spanish "response". Nieto's text is believed to have been anonymously printed in London soon after his 1728 death.

The Holy Inquisition, Where... London: 1681. Inquisition 138

English. Illustrated frontispiece. Owner's note at end: "Jaboz Phelips 1685".

Baker, J. [James?] The History of the Inquisit... London: 1734. Inquisition 148

English. Contains illustrations and excerpts from several earlier works.

Limborch, Philip a The History of the Inquisit... London: 1731. Inquisition 147

English. 2 vols. in one. First English edition, translated by Samuel Chandler. Contains several illustrations, including 4 fold-out engravings.

[Ramé, Louis?] The History of the Inquisit... London: 1713. Inquisition 146


Taylor, Matthew England's Bloody Tribun... London: 1773. Inquisition 155

English. Contains several illustrations, including one fold-out engraving.

[Stockdale, John Joseph] The History of the Inquisit... London: 1810. Inquisition 170

English. Contains several illustrations.

Fischer, Christian Augustus A Picture of Madrid: Taken ... London: 1808. Inquisition 169

English. First English edition, translated fom the German text of 1802.

Llorente, Juan Antonio The History of the Inquisit... London: 1827. Inquisition 190

English. Second English edition.

Llorente, Juan Antonio The History of the Inquisit... London: 1826. Inquisition 189

English. First English edition.

Achilli, Giacinto Dealings with the Inquisiti... London: 1851. Inquisition 194


Maître, Joseph de [Maistre] Letters on the Spanish Inqu... London: 1838. Inquisition 192

English. With notes by the Rev. John Fletcher.