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"Nos los Inquisidores ... En la Ciudad de Valencia: 1700. Inquisition 288

Spanish. Public notice of Edict of faith, requiring denunciations of various heresies, sodomy, etc. Space for date left blank.

Quintano Bonifaz, Manuel; Benedictus Episcopus Servus Servorum Dei [pope Benedict XIV] "Nos los Inquisidores ... En el Palacio de la Inquisicion de Valencia: 1757. Inquisition 358

Spanish and Latin. Edict republishing 1745 and 1746 papal bulls against heresy, with notice of another issued 1749. Contains signatures and marginal note.

"Nos los Inquisidores ... [Valencia?]: 1759. Inquisition 366

Spanish. Edict clarifying policies on absolution by non-inquisition clergy in Jubilee years. Contains signature. Cf. INQ345, INQ356 and INQ388.