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"Nos los Inquisidores ... S.l.: 1739. Inquisition 333

Spanish. Edict banning or expurgating various books and writings, including "Relacion Apologique, & Historique de la Societe de Francs Massons", and "Theatro Critico" by P. Feijoo. Spaces for date and place left blank.

Ordenanzas del Illustre Cab... S.l.: 1749. Inquisition 352

Spanish. Collection of privileges relating to the Santa Hermandad confraternity. Ornate hand-made binding, with an 1854 photo of the Hermandad's prison attached on the inside front cover.

"Nos los Inquisidores ... S.l.: 1750. Inquisition 354

Spanish. Edict ordering expurgation of a Marian devotional work. Cf. INQ355.

"Nos los Inquisidores ... S.l.n.a.: [1700s]. Inquisition 353

Spanish. Edict banning or expurgating various works published 1696-1730.

"Nos los Inquisidores ... S.l.: 1759. Inquisition 361

Spanish. Lists 33 works to be banned, 3 to be expurgated..

"Nos los Inquisidores ... S.l.: 1805. Inquisition 397

Spanish. Edict banning 24 books and writings, 9 of which are forbidden even to those with licenses, and expurgating several others. Space for date and place left blank.