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Millares, Agustin Historia de la Inquisicion ... Las Palmas de Gran-Canaria: 1874. Inquisition 202

Spanish. Vols. 1, 3, 4 only.

Valle, Genaro del Anales de la Inquisicion de... Madrid: 1868. Inquisition 201

Spanish. Contains many illustrations, with emphasis on torture.

Herculano, Alexandre Historia da Origem e Establ... Lisboa [Lisbon]: 1897; 1902. Inquisition 198

Portuguese. 10 books in 3 vols.

Civarron, Philomath de De Spaansche Inquisitie get... Amsterdam: 1853. Inquisition 197


Rizi, F. [Rizzi, Francisco] Auto de fe celebrado en la ... Museo del Prado [Madrid]: [1800s]. Inquisition 553

Spanish. Nineteenth-century sepia photograph (numbered 109) of an original painting in the Prado, depicting the staging and audiences at a major auto-de-fe. The view is similar to engravings found in Olmo's 1680 Relacion for the event. Quite faded.