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Iudice, Francisco [Francesco Guidice]; pope Clement XI "Nos los Inquisidores ... En el Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion de Llerena: [1715]. Inquisition 308

Spanish and Latin. Edict republishing pope Clement XI's 1713 ban on certain French books, with a list of 101 potentially heretical propositions found therein (given in Latin translation). Space for date left blank. Cf. INQ309.

Isidro de Orozco, Manuel "Nos los Inquisidores ... Llerena: 1744. Inquisition 343

Spanish and Latin. Edict condemning 8 "Molinist" propositions, and requiring the expurgation of 5 related propositions (given in Latin). A number of books are ordered banned or expurgated in consequence. Space for date left blank.