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Antidotum contra Virulentam... S.l.n.a.: [ca. 1748?]. Inquisition 278

Latin. Brief on the writings of Henry Noris (d. 1704); apparently a Spanish inquisitor's response to pope Benedict XIV's 1748 letter ordering removal of Noris' works from the 1747 Spanish Index of banned books. The Spanish inquisitors did not relent until 1758; cf. INQ349, 359, 360.

"Nos los Inquisidores ... En la Inquisicion de México: [1700s?]. Inquisition 285

Spanish. Undated blank form banning import of all unlicensed books.

"Nos los Inquisidores ... En la Inquisicion de Corte [Madrid]: [1700s?]. Inquisition 283

Spanish. Edict banning or expurgating various undated writings; space for date left blank.

"Nos los Inquisidores ... S.l.n.a.: [1700s]. Inquisition 281

Spanish. Edict banning and expurgating various books and writings published 1615-1731, including Quétif and Echard's "Scriptores Ordinis Praedicatorum" and a history of France under Louis XIV.

Iudice, Francisco [Francesco Giudice] "Don Francisco Iudice,... Madrid: [ca. 1711?]. Inquisition 289

Spanish. Undated blank form, ordering review of credentials for officials who had been empowered by previous Inquisitors General to enforce the 1707 Index Expurgatorio through examination of private, public and conventual libraries. Iudice served as Inquisitor General 1711-1716.

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"En la Villa de Madrid... Madrid: 1706. Inquisition 296

Spanish. Edict noting need for new Index Expurgatorio to replace that of 1640 and for more Revisores to enforce it. Booksellers are reminded of the 1640 rules and informed that a new Index will soon be released. A list of Revisores empowered to search bookstores is appended at the end of the document.

Marin, Vidal; pope Clement XI "Nos Don Vidal Marin (... Madrid: 1705. Inquisition 292

Spanish and Latin. Spanish promulgation of Clement XI's constitution "Vineam Domini Sabaoth", denouncing a series of Jansenist assertions and banning texts in which these appear.

Marin, Vidal "Nos Don Vidal Marin, ... Madrid: [1707]. Inquisition 290

Spanish. Undated blank certificate authorizing a "Revisor de las librerias" to censor books in accordance with the newly published 1707 Index Expurgatorio.