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Indulgencias Plenarias, y G... Sevilla [Seville]: 1724. Inquisition 316

Spanish. Translation of a 1571 collection of bulls and indulgences granted to crusaders and familiars of the inquisition by popes from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries, confirmed by Pius V (1570). Text gives incipits and dates of the original documents, with minimal summary. Last page contains Spanish summary of Pius V's 1569 "Institución de la Cofradía de San Pedro Martyr, de Oficiales, y Ministros del Santo Oficio de la Inquisicion".

Paulo Papa Quinto [pope Paul V]; Cobellutius, S. [Scipio] Indulgencias concedidas por... Sevilla [Seville]: 1724. Inquisition 318

Spanish. Translation of papal indulgences issued to familiars and officials in 1611 by Paul V. Scipio Cobellutius's name is printed at the end of the document.