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Aytona, Marquesa de [Aitona] "Senor mio. Con mucho ... Madrid: 1682. Inquisition 17

Spanish. Letter from the marquis to an inquisitor, thanking him for assistance in a legal case ("pleyto").

Cana, Joseph de la "Joseph de la Cana Cav... Inquisicion de Corte [Madrid]: 1700. Inquisition 109

Spanish. Document notes receipt of orders from inquisitor general (dated Madrid 1700) appointing Luis Maldonado, Order of Santiago, notary for the Valladolid inquisition. Contains signature of inquisitorial secretary Cana, wax seal.

Titulo de Notario del Secre... Madrid: 1700. Inquisition 108

Spanish. Contains signatures and wax seal.

Arce Reynoso, Diego de; pope Innocent X "Nos Don Diego de Arce... Madrid: 1653. Inquisition 238

Spanish and Latin. Edict reproducing and publicizing Innocent X's bull "Cum occasione" against certain writings of Cornelius Jansen (originally banned by pope Urban VIII in 1641). Contains signatures and wax seal.

Arce Reynoso, Diego de "Nos Don Diego de Arce... Madrid: 1656. Inquisition 240

Spanish. Edict banning a constitution issued by Rodrigo Gutiérrez y Rozas, bishop of Canary islands.

Sarmiento de Valladares, Diego; Inocencio XI [pope Innocent XI] "Nos Don Diego Sarmien... Madrid: 1679. Inquisition 252

Spanish and Latin. Decree publicizing Innocent XI's condemnation of 65 propositions. Space for date left blank.

Sarmiento de Valladares, Diego; pope Innocent XI "Nos Don Diego Sarmien... Madrid: 1682. Inquisition 254

Spanish and Latin. Decree reproducing and publicizing Innocent XI's ban on the ancient lead sheets, Arabic and other texts allegedly found at Monte Santo [Sacromonte] and Torre Turpiana in Granada. Contains signatures and notarial marks.

Sarmiento de Valladares, Diego "Nos Don Diego Sarmien... Madrid: 1686. Inquisition 260

Spanish. Edict lifting ban on 1670 Madrid edition of María de Jesús de Agreda's "Mística Ciudad de Dios"; other editions are to be seized and examined. Space for date left blank.